A new Libertarian party?

In the past few days a new political party has been formed here in Britain, one that’s based on Libertarian principles. They are calling this new party… Libertarian Party.

Generally speaking I like the idea of a libertarian party here in Britain, but this group is making it a tad difficult for me to support them. For one thing they are fully supportive of the British military, saying that they’d be in our minds and budget. Is there a need for a standing army in a libertarian society? I don’t think so. For me, having voluntary militia and or territorial army units would be far better.

Another reason why it is that I am unable to support them is their stance on Europe, i.e. the EU. Basically they are against it. I’m not a fan of the EU in the way it’s formated now, being as it is corrupt and heavily statist (I’d call myself an EU reformist). But to pull out would be a disaster. This is an isolationist policy. Not only that, but we’d have to abide by EU laws if we want to trade with them, laws we would not be able to change from the outside.

No, I will not be supporting this new libertarian party.

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Libertarian Party = http://www.lpuk.org/


Evolution of truth

The individual has a right, the right to live their lives in abundance and clarity of thought. For too long this right has been suppressed, not only by the individual, but by society as a whole. They have become frozen and unable to move on with their lives.

The time has now come. It has come for our minds to open to the glory that is our full potential; not only as an individual, but for the potential that our society has to offer. I say society, and not societies, for we are all one. This has been predetermined since the beginning of time. For too long we have lived a fractious existence, fighting for land and religious ideologies.

The hope of human ingenuity lies with our working together; developing society and the individuals therein, to their fullest extent. Only by working together can we do this. Only by working together can we overcome our “my truth is better than yours” attitude, for all truths are correct. It’s the individual interpritation of these truths that lead to the trouble and strife that infests our home.

Humanity needs to accept the fact that we are evolving, becoming better than we currently are. No force on Earth can stop it, no matter how the extremists would want to. The Earth wills it. The Devine wills it. Humanity needs it.