My name’s Toran Shaw and I want to personally welcome you to this my new blog. To start with I should explain about the name, why I’ve called it … The Libertorian! The main reason being is that my core political ideology is that of a strong libertarian. The short form of my name is Tor. Combing the two made sense to me, for it best describes one of the main purposes for this blog.

One of the main purposes for this blog is to help me better establish my individual political ideology. To strengthen some opinions and change others. It is a place where I can establish my personal manifesto, as it were.

The other main reason for this blog is as a place for me to comment on the political headlines of the day. Not only of major international and national events, but of local ones too.

I am a member of the Liberal Democrats and am planning on joining several other politically related groups throughout the year. This will be a place where I can express my opinions about these organizations, as well as those who differ from them.

All that’s left for me to say is, I wish you well and I hope you enjoy reading my posts.



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